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On Your Side.

We are Financial Experts formed in order to ensure that smaller companies get the expert tax and innovation funding advice that larger corporations have access to.

We understand that many small companies don’t have the time or resource to navigate the complexities of HMRC regulations, but with our in-house R&D Tax Relief and technical specialist, we are able to understand your business and help you produce a robust claim. 

We offer the perfect blend of Financial, Technical and Business expertise required to successfully unlock your R&D Tax Credits. 

Comprised of Big 4 trained Chartered Accountants, Chartered Engineers and an extremely well-versed Business Development cohort; we offer a more than qualified innovation funding team capable of being your partner.


“Great company, very straight forward with what to expect and very trustworthy. Glad we decided to use them and the guys in the office made everything clear form the start. I would definitely recommend using this company.”

The Finance Team


Comprised of Chartered Accountants.


Individuals with Undergraduate Honorary University degrees in Law, Finance and Accounting.


Experience of preparing complex R&D Tax Relief claims.


Able to identify niche areas of R&D that other companies often overlook.

The Technical Team


Comprised of Chartered Engineers who have worked for some of the UK's biggest companies at senior level.


Sector specialists across a broad range of engineering disciplines.


Many years of experience working for members of the Big 4 (split between corporation tax compliance based specialists and purely innovation-based funding specialists).


Experience within the UK’s largest pure R&D tax relief funding firm.




Harmoney Consulting Group, a company incorporated under the laws of Scotland, and having its registered office at: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G24JR.

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Registered number: SC661102

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