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We are R&D Tax Relief experts. We exist so that businesses can benefit from financial advice that they wouldn’t typically have access to. We identified that SME’s are getting left behind, although they play a huge part in the continual growth of our economy.  

With highly experienced professionals, we work in tandem with our clients to carefully identify cash-generating, government-led, tax reliefs, specialising in R&D Tax Credits. With many years of experience in this field, our team are trusted partners with all of our clients.

Through seasoned sector knowledge, together with energy and conversation, we truly understand the value that our work can bring to many businesses and communities.

“Very professional company who work fast and deliver a great response.”

The Claims Process

We give our clients access to various tax-saving initiatives administered by HMRC. This approach has seen our team involved in hundreds of businesses obtaining various tax reliefs, worth many millions of pounds.

We act as your partner. This involves taking the time to understand you and your business and making sure we tailor our approach to your needs.

Our success-based fees ensure a win-win mentality.

Having access to our level of technical expertise provides us with the confidence to unlock the various innovation-based tax reliefs on offer from HMRC. Our team are multi-disciplined and well versed in our field; breeding the confidence we have when forging and maintaining client relations.

We take care of the full R&D Tax process from start to finish. Our efficient process means we don’t take up too much of your time – we do all the work in the background so you can carry on with ‘business as usual’!

Assign an Industry Specialist

We assign an industry specialist to understand you and your business. Our specialists have worked in similar industries and can promptly identify the areas of your work that will qualify for R&D Tax Relief. 

Create Technical Report

Our technical team are responsible for piecing together a report which will act as a narrative for HMRC, explaining precisely why you are entitled to this relief.  

Submit Your Claim to HMRC

We will associate the costs from the financial information to the technical report created and submit the R&D Relief claim in its entirety to HMRC on your behalf.

Why Choose Us?


We give you access to financial advice that large corporations benefit from.


Industry experts assigned to your claim.


Full transparency from start to finish.


We don’t have the red tape and bureaucracy of large firms but are able to offer the same level of expertise and customer care.


No bills, hidden or upfront costs.


No confusing jargon.


Success fee model.

What Our Clients Say…

Very professional company who work fast and deliver a great response.

Such a great team of professionals at Harmoney Consulting Group. They always provide excellent service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for R&D advice. Thanks again.

Couldn’t be happier with the service we received from the team at Harmoney, kept myself and our FD in the loop throughout the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the Research and Development claims process take?

From the moment we have our first conversation with you, until the moment the funds hit your bank account,  is approximately 4-6 weeks.

2. How much will we get back?

The amount you will receive depends on how much you spend on a number of things, such as PAYE salaries, sub-contracting costs, materials and software licences. From your first consultation, we will be able to offer you an accurate calculation on what you should expect to receive back.

3. Does my business qualify for R&D Tax Relief?

Many people think you need to be wearing a white coat working in a laboratory to qualify, this is simply not the case!

If you are overcoming challenges within your field, then it would certainly be worth having a conversation with our team to find out more.

4. How do I claim for R&D Tax relief?

We have ensured that our claims process is as efficient as possible, meaning you don’t have to do much at all!

After the initial conversation, we will request a few pieces of financial information so we can make a start on your claim.

5. How far can we claim back for R&D tax credits?

You are entitled to claim back two retrospective financial years.

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We are here to help and answer any questions you may have. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online or you wish to make an appointment with one of our R&D Tax Consultants, please email: contact@harmoneyconsulting.co.uk or use the contact form or details below…

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