If you are a limited business registered in the UK and you work within the Construction industry, there is a strong chance you could be eligible for R&D Tax Credits. R&D (Research and Development) is solving uncertainty & overcoming challenges in the workplace.  R&D Tax Relief is a percentage of money that you can claim back from HMRC. This is calculated by figuring out how much time you have spent on your more challenging projects over your last two financial years. We are able to claim back a percentage of your PAYE Salaries, Sub-Contracting Costs, Consumables and Material costs.

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Examples of claimable projects within Scaffoling:

    Working on bridges, railways or tunnels

    • Working on historic or commercial Properties

    • Overcoming issues/facing challenges

    • Making improvements to techniques

    • Working on one-off or unique projects

    • Enhancing safety

    • Testing and prototyping

    • Project overburn

    • Developing safer methods and practices



    Examples of claimable projects within Demolition:

    • Portal demolition

    • Working in busy areas, maintaining access

    • Historical properties, protecting listed elements

    • Taking care due to asbestos

    Interior Fitout

    Interior Fitout

    Examples of claimable projects within Interior Fitout:


    • Development of flexible working methodologies/procedures to overcome complex working environments

    • Development of bespoke flooring (or other interior components)

    • Unique projects with  physical properties/purpose that is not standard to the company and industry



    Examples of claimable projects within Flooring

    • Design of bespoke flooring products through iterative development processes

    • Development of flexible working methodologies to overcome complex working environments

    • Application of detailed testing to overcome complex challenges that standard methods were unsuited for

    Steel Fabrication

    Steel Fabrication

    Examples of claimable projects within Steel Fabrication


    • Achieving tight surface finishes and tolerances for complex parts

    • Stress testing

    • Development of new welding processes to minimise distortion.

    • Bending steel components to tight angles without causing deformation

    • Creating jigs



    Examples of claimable projects within HVAC:

    • Combining new and old systems

    • Increased efficiency and safety

    • Research into eco-friendly and more sustainable refrigerants, as well as the installation

    • Commissioning, and decommissioning

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