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We are extremely proud to support Tri-Athalon legends Taryn and Dylan Roberts, professional golfer Nicola Bennett and professional boxers Rylan Charlton and Nick Campbell.

Taryn and Dylan were born in South Africa but raised in Bristol. The fitness fanatics are known locally and nationally for competing in Triathlons and Ironman events. We have teamed up with them to follow and support their journey to help them reach their ultimate Ironman goals.

Former Rugby star Nick Campbell is now an up and coming professional boxer with a goal to become Scotland’s first heavyweight champion.

Rylan started boxing at the age of 14 and chalked up over 50 fights as an amateur boxer.  He began his professional career at the age of 25 and worked his way up in the sport the hard way, on the small hall circuit. We are very excited to see him in action and support him on his way to the top!

Our most recent partnership is with scooter enthusiast David Masterton. David is just 13 years old and has his eyes set on some big competitions later this year!

Taryn Roberts

Taryn has been sporty/active her whole life but began her specific triathlon training in 2016. Her first event was Bolton Ironman which she signed up to without even owning a road bike.

A career highlight for Taryn was qualifying for Ironman World Championships at Tenby Ironman by coming first In her age category by over an hour!

After a huge build-up to the day, the mix of nerves and pressure, and the hardest conditions of the race itself made the World Champs her hardest challenge to date.

In her spare time, Taryn fits in lots of runs around the hills of Dursley and surrounding areas which is where she lives with her partner Bruce and her French Bulldog Macie. 

Taryn and Dylan have been enjoying training alongside each other years before they started competing in Triathlons. They push and motivate each other to keep getting better.

As well as training with Dylan she also works for him now…helping him with his growing and successful graphic design business.


“I absolutely love that buzzing feeling you get from knowing you’re in the final stage of the day and you are getting amazing cheers from the spectators around! It’s the best feeling!”

“A race can take 10-14 hours and there’s no hiding from the training. You can tell who’s put the hard work in on the day.”

Dylan Roberts

Dylan signed up to Ironman Bolton 2016 with zero triathlon experience and no road bike. He knew long-distance triathlon was something that he would really enjoy and since he has completed 4 full distance Ironman events.

“It’s really hard sometimes to fit the training in around general life, full-time work and family but if you enjoy it as much as we do, you make it happen.”

Dylan and Taryn have two big events this year with Bolton and Tenby and the big goal is to try to qualify for the world championships in Kona, Hawaii.

An Ironman consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and then a 26.2 mile run (Marathon). In that order – consecutively. Average finishing time is anywhere between 12-14 hours. 

Rylan Charlton

My aspirations for my career is to go as far as possible in the sport and learn as much as possible on the way.”

Rylan Charlton aka ‘Pint Size Powerhouse’ was born and bred in Norwich. He started boxing from the early age of 14.

Rylan first got into boxing because he was always a very hyperactive child and loved to play fight and so he decided to give it a go and learn how to do it properly.

He turned professional at the age of 25 in the welterweight division.  In 2020, during the pandemic, he signed with Matchroom Boxing and had the opportunity to fight on the big stage with just two weeks’ notice.  He secured a knockout victory against Joe Laws. – it was the breakthrough he needed.

Nick Campbell

Photo Credit: Andy Le Gresley Photography

“I’m not here to be a spectacle. I’m here to prove a point.”

“An unconventional arrival into boxing”

Nick Campbell is a former professional rugby player turned professional boxer.

Nick started playing rugby from the age of 9, throwing all his energy into the sport and progressed his career to play professionally for Glasgow Warriors and Jersey Reds. He played two seasons with the Glasgow Warriors and played nearly 100 games for the Jerseys Reds in the English Championship. As well as his passion for Rugby, from the age of 9 he was a regular at amateur boxing gyms.

Nick Campbell has left his professional rugby career to become a boxer, his rugby contract ended and thought he would give boxing a proper go – it had always been a passion for him. He set his sights on becoming Scotland’s first British heavyweight champion.

Nick was exposed to some of the best training amateur level had to offer. He went to Sheffield and sparred the Team GB guys.

He has always thrived when thrown in at the deep end, his years of playing rugby prepared him for anything.

A lot of people had questioned his career move, switching from rugby to boxing, but he always applied himself and trained hard in both sports so he had the chance to pursue both. After a hugely successful career in Rugby, it’s now his time to really sink his teeth into the boxing world. He wants to introduce people to boxing who wouldn’t usually have an interest and we have no doubt that his fans will follow him in his pursuit to the top.

Nick is striving to fight at the top level, we are proud to be supporting his venture and we cannot wait to see him in action.


Scotland U20 2009

Glasgow Warriors 2009-2013

Jersey Reds 2013-2017



Scottish Novice SuperHeavyweight Champion 2017

Scottish Elite Western

District SuperHeavyweight Champion 2017

Scottish Intermediate SuperHeavyweight Champion 2019

Scottish Elite SuperHeavyweight Champion 2019

Member of Scottish Elite Boxing Group 2019-2021

Nicola Bennett


Nicola Bennett was born in 1994 in London. She is one of the most exciting female athletes on the golf scene. She was introduced to the sport at the age of 13 and within her first year she was selected for England training. She has been golfing professionally since 2014.

In 2017 Nicola played in the WPGA international challenge and played in 4 tournaments in her first season. She currently plays in the Rose Ladies Series.  Nicola will play on the ladies’ European tour access series in 2021 as well as a number of full ladies’ European tour events through invitation. Her goal for 2021 is to secure her card on the let and win her first main tour event. 

Away from the golf course Nicola’s media presence is developing and she is fast becoming an advocate for diversity in the golf and sports world. Nicola has made radio appearances as a British sports personality, undertaken public speaking and her online social media platforms demonstrate a positive representation that authenticates herself.

We are proud to be supporting Nicola on her journey.

David Masterton

“My favourite trick my best trick is called an ‘unless kickless’, it was hard and beat me up a bit but I was determined to do it and got it done!” 

We are so pleased to be supporting Scooter enthusiast David Masterton. David is 13 years old attending Hinchingbrooke school, currently studying Geography and Catering.

He first started to scooter just last summer, 2020. Bored with nothing to do, David and his friend built some ramps outside of their house. They started to experiment with some tricks and loved it! He hasn’t stopped since!

David has committed himself to spend up to 14 hours a week scootering, perfecting his tricks and practising for future competitions.

He spends most of his time scootering at his local skate park in Brampton. Some of his favourite skateparks are Stukeley and St Neots but his all-time favourite is Adrenaline Alley which is the UK’s biggest skatepark!

Due to Covid, there haven’t been many competitions recently, but he has big plans to compete when the season starts again, towards the end of this year!

“I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Harmoney for the support and I hope we can do great things.”

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Rylan Charlton

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Taryn and Dylan Roberts

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Tenby Ironman

Taryn and Dylan Roberts

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