We offer expert accounting services to businesses in the UK. We prioritise efficiency and approachability in our services. Recognising that unexpected accounting costs can be frustrating for clients, we ensure transparency from the start. After an initial complimentary consultation, we establish a fixed pricing arrangement, enabling clients to make hassle-free monthly payments through Direct Debit. This approach grants our clients the freedom to engage with us through calls or meetings without worrying about incurring additional fees by the minute.




Xero Cloud Accounting

If you are an existing Xero customer or are thinking of utilising its services, you will need an accountant who has in-depth Cloud Accounting knowledge. Here at Harmoney, we have Certified Xero advisors to who can make your Xero accounting journey simplified and efficient. With Cloud Accounting being the easiest way to remain up to date with your bookkeeping and financial data, we feel that Xero provides the best services to achieve this. Furthermore, with Making Tax Digital (MTD) rules now in place for all VAT-registered businesses, Xero is a prime example of how submitting your returns are now a thing of ease.


Limited companies

Offering full Accounts and Corporation Tax preparation for both Companies House and HMRC ensuring we have captured all your financial data for the relevant year and ensuring as good a tax saving has been made as possible. The services offered to you as a company can range from the basics of day-to-day bookkeeping up to the final prep of your statutory accounts – and everything in between!


Small business & Start ups

Alongside completing accounts for Limited Companies, Harmoney also offers services to sole traders and partnerships, which include the completion of your annual accounts along with personal tax returns, ensuring you are in compliance with HMRC deadlines. No business is too small.



Bookkeeping of a business is essential for optimised services, and here at Harmoney we can offer weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping to meet your preferences. Alongside the general bookkeeping, we are able to offer gold-standard Management Accounts that give you up-to-date insight on how your business is performing prior to the completion of your statutory yearend accounts.



Services are provided for both weekly and monthly payrolls for companies that have either one or one hundred employees. Services include all RTI and Employment Enrolment requirements to make sure you and your company are compliant with HMRC and your chosen pension providers.



Whether you choose to take on our Bookkeeping services, or if you are a VAT-registered company and would like further assurance you are submitting your returns as accurately as possible, Harmoney offers VAT services to our clients who require it. This includes ensuring that all returns, be they quarterly, bi-annually or annually, are submitted within HMRC deadlines and are done so to the highest standard. If your business is new or is about to reach the VAT registration threshold, we will be able to assist you in registering your business for VAT.


Our skilled team offers a comprehensive range of accounting services, including VAT returns, bookkeeping, payroll, statutory accounts, corporation tax, and self-assessment. What sets us apart is our expertise in leveraging the latest accounting technology to streamline your business operations. As proud partners of Xero, we specialise in assisting clients with the seamless transition to cloud accounting and the automated processing of both electronic and paper transactions.

Running a successful business necessitates having immediate access to accurate accounting information. That’s why we utilise cutting-edge tools such as Xero, coupled with other advanced technologies, to provide you with real-time management insights tailored to your preferences. We offer timely updates on your business data and can guide you on essential business ratios and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are crucial for driving your business growth.

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