Let’s get your business plug out of the way…. can you tell us a bit about what you do at Peak Design & Build?

Yes, so we carry out Architectural design work and build. I personally do the drawings and help to coordinate the building. Our team is built of myself, project manager/ carpenter a general builder, a labourer and a team of subcontractors. We specialise in residential – small housing developments, new builds, extensions and landscaping. Adapting properties for people with disabilities is our bread and butter

I noticed the ‘BSc & MRICS’ on your LinkedIn which I assume are the qualification you have earned along the years…What do these actually mean and how/where did you achieve them?

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in building surveying from The University of Plymouth and am a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Can you give us a bit of an insight into how you have got to where you are today? Where did it all begin?

I started with my family run building company, working in the summer holidays, labouring and helping out in the office. Following my degree, I got an entry-level job at multidisciplinary building surveying firm and gradually worked my way up to specialise in project management, I was there for 5 years. In 2017 I decided to go own way and started Peak Design & Build which was then called Peak Architectural Design.

What do you enjoy most about your job? Do you enjoy being your own boss?

Although I specialise in Architecture, I actually love the hands-on building. I like the freedom of working for myself, currently, I have just moved into a new house which requires a lot of work, which I’m excited about. I love how sociable this industry is, in my area all the tradesmen know each other and help each other out.

What’s the toughest thing about your role and in the industry you work in?

The toughest thing about the industry is sometimes people don’t appreciate the amount of money and time that goes into even the smallest of jobs. Some people want things done at the drop of a hat, with very little budget.

What has been your biggest project to date?

The biggest project I have worked on is, a Dutch barn conversion, in South Gloucestershire. It proved to be very complex, different structures that I am used to and having to deal with existing materials, but we got there!

The last year has been quite tough for a lot of people and the economy… has the pandemic affected you?

I have been very lucky during this pandemic, it’s not affected my work at all really. There has been a very slight shortage of supply materials than usual and another downside is not being able to be as social with my colleagues and my clients.

What does the future hold for peak design & Build?

I hope to grow the business. I want to hire more employees so I can take on bigger projects







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