We are called HarMONEY for a reason… we are here to share top financial tips and tricks, from the cheapest holiday destinations to tips on improving your credit rating. Although we offer world-class financial advice, we also like to have a little fun! So, we have put together a list of what we believe are all the best items which you can purchase for £1.

Following our recent ‘What would you spend your last £1 on’ poll, 60% of the participants voted they would use their last £1 to buy a scratch card…. So, we will start our top 10 off with a £1 scratch card.

1. Scratch Card

Fancy your luck? We think buying a scratch card with your last £1 might be quite a clever idea. Nip to your local shop and you could come out with more money than you walked in with.

close up of scratch card, 5p coin

2. 100x 1p Sweets

Got a sweet tooth? Another popular idea was to buy 100 1p sweets. Take a trip down memory lane and pop to your local sweet shop. This way you are getting 100 items for your £1 and treating yourself to a little indulgence.

3. Buy and Sell

Buy and Sell! – Use your £1 wisely. Find something that is priced lower than what you think it should be and purchase it. Use sites such as Facebook Marketplace or Ebay and sell it for more than what you brought it for. Keep doing this and you can really build up your earnings.

4. Grow your own

­­One clever idea would be to use the money to make more money. We thought about buying a vegetable plant for £1 and planting it to grow more of your own. This is a lengthy process however it will save you money in the future, whether you eat your own homegrown veg or you sell it on.

home grown carrots

5. Bus Ticket

Take yourself somewhere new for the day. With Mega bus – you can buy a bus ticket from £1. See how far your £1 can take you!

6. Go Shopping!

Poundland, where everything is £1. The world is your oyster here, so many different things you can buy with your last £1. Go Wild! Find your nearest store here.

7. Newspaper

Buy the local newspaper. With most things accessible online now, we often forget about the little things in life. Find out all about the latest news and events in your area, maybe spend an hour or so doing the crossword. This £1 paper could provide you with an afternoon of light entertainment.

newspaper crossword

8.  A new look…

Another Poundland special… treat yourself to some new glasses. Believe it or not, you can buy prescription reading glasses for just £1. Not the most exciting thing to purchase but a bargain none the less.


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