At Harmoney, we are big believers in face to face meetings and we are not the only ones! With a recent study showing that 84% of people asked also prefer face to face meetings.

With the ever-growing use of phones and the opportunities for working remotely, it’s easy to think we’re drifting away from the face to face interaction.

Now we are not denying how incredibly useful and clever some of the virtual meeting software out there, is – we actually use zoom and skype every day!

Since Covid19, we have all had to adapt and evolve quickly and rely on technology a lot more than usual. I think we have all done a great job and have continued with business as usual as best as we can!

As normality is creeping back in and the office doors are back open, we thought now is the best time to remind people of the importance of a face to face meeting.

Here are 5 reasons why we shouldn’t let face to face meetings be a thing of the past…

Professional –

By taking the time out of your busy day to travel to a meeting and greet a potential client in person, straight away shows a certain level of professionalism. Yes, you can remain professional over a zoom meeting however I think we can all agree that a traditional handshake and a real-life conversation goes a lot further and is more likely to result in a successful meeting.

Body Language –

When meeting someone new, body language is key. Reading somebodies body language can give you a strong inclination of what the direction the meeting is heading in. Do they seem interested? Do they want to know more? When you start to notice the other persons enthusiastic hand gestures and you see the smile upon their face, you can feel confident knowing that you are doing your job right. Equally the more confident you are appearing to them the more confident they are in what you have to offer. Win-win!

Personality –

 Let your personality shine through! In a face to face meeting, you can really show off your positive personality traits, really build a report with them. Just because of its business, it doesn’t mean you can’t bond over your meeting and even build a friendship.

No Glitches –

 We are not knocking any virtual meeting software, however, sometimes they can come with inconveniences. Your internet connection could be bad, your neighbours playing loud music next door, or you could be a complete technophobe all of which can affect the success of your meeting.

Fresh air –

Last but not least, let’s not forget how important it is to get out and about. We have all be confined to our own homes for a long time now and it has been tough. As long as we are all safe, following the Government guidelines and practising PPE, let’s get back out in the big wide world and meet new people.

Use meetings wisely as they are a great business tool. Living in 2020, it is becoming easier to not have face to face meetings, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

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